Every item has been weighed before posting its ad. The weight you will see on your scale, or your cart or on the item description can have an error range of 10%. We do our best to be as precise as possible. Please do apologise us in advance if you find your item to be 10 grams heavier (or possibily 10 grams lighter!).
ILK is an online store featuring used clothing & accessories. Every item has been accurarely selected and checked for defects at least twice, before being online. Many items have been put aside for small but visible defects. Any item with no item condition reference has been gently used and does not present important wear or relevant defects. Items with micro-defects or any issue will be described on the product page (under title description). It is of utmost importance that you are purchasing used items, and that these may present light wear of use. Please do not purchase if you are not confident with your choice, or you do not have any second hand items experience.
ILK is not only an online store, but a pleasant and delightful way to shop from your IPAD, from the office or from any location desired. Every step is simple, quick, and every description is short & nimble. Clothing & accessories sizes are available on the item title (usually after "sz." abbreviation). Sometime size is not available on the item tag. In this case, it will be judged by our staff after an accurate evaluation. So please do interpret our sizes as "approximate". Some sizes come from other countries, and some sizes are "Vintage" sizes, which were not the same as today. Please do contact us via email or through our contact form for any detail or request concerning sizes. It is also possible to check clothing & accessories size guidelines on the internet.
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