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Very simple; there are 2 options you to look for specific items on our website: You may look for one or more key words typing them on the text search bar on the top of the website, or click on the top left menu: "Looking for..." and selecting a category or subcategory on the drop-down menu. Results will appear around the scale. Click left and right arrow to go forwards or backwards, or just use the page numbers below the scale. You will always have a "HOME" button which will bring you to your starting point.
When you like an item, you can "drag" it on the scale, to check its price and weight. As you add items on the scale, you may want to manage them on YOUR ITEMS list (small cart icon just beside the scale weight). From there you can check each item detail, eliminate or "hide" items, playing with the scale weight and price. When you're done, click on "Checkout"!
You may pay through your PayPal account, following our PayPal checkout. For any other online payment method, we offer you PayPal secure checkout circuit, with which you can pay with any credit card and DO NOT NECESSARILY NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Follow our simple and basic checkout instructions.

We accept any worldwide credit card circuit: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal card, Postepay, Discover, American Express or Visa Electron)

Our business has always worked with PayPal. Secuirity, transparency, and customer return & refund policies are the best and safest on the market. This helps you as a customer, and us as a business!
Click on the pictures inside the round icons around the scale, to read the item title, description, and to see the item picture. You can check out the item's weight, click on the magnifier to watch the picture in fullscreen and also zoom its details with a further option. If you wish, add the item in the scale using the appropriate icon just below the item details. You also can go back to your research by the "X" on the top right, or by clicking on the initial thumbnail round image. Simple!
When you finish your shopping, you can follow our quick and basic checkout instructions. There will be simple and shorts steps where you will be asked for your shipping details and your login and password to access "MY-LIKEKILO" private section, where you will manage all your purchases. You will then choose and proceed with payment.
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